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. Deliberately packaging the relevant disputes as mere issues concerning the interpretation or application of UNCLOS while knowing full well that territorial disput▓es are not subject to UNCLOS and that maritime d


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elimitation disputes have been excluded from th▓e UNCLOS compulsory dispute settlement procedures by China&rsqu▓o;s 2006 declaration, the Philippines has wantonly abused▓ the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures


. This initiation of arbitration aims not to settle its disputes with China, but to deny China&rsquo▓;s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and inte▓rests in the South China Sea. This course of conduct is t▓aken out of bad faith.116. First, by unilaterally initiating arbitration, the Philippines ha

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m are gross violations of their

s violated its standin▓g agreement with China to settle the relevant disputes through bilateral negotiation. In rel

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dignity and human rights.iv. The P

evant bilateral documents, China and the Philippines have agreed to settle through negotiation their disputes in the Sou

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th China Sea and reaffirmed this agreement many times.▓ China and the Philippines made solemn commitment in the D

ppines unila terally initiated the South Chin a Sea arbitration. I n doing so, the Philippines has turned its back on the c onsensus reach ed and repea tedly reaffirmed by China an d the Philip pines to settle through ne gotiation the▓ relevant dis putes in the South China Sea and v iolat▓ed its own so lemn commitmen t in the DOC 满城县wap 丰城市5G 奉化市wap 永善县5G 当阳市wap 罗源县wap 武城县5G 南溪县wap 新民市wap 广东wap 眉山市wap 登封市wap 磴口县wap 平山县wap 江苏wap 砚山县wap 黑山县5G 雅安市wap 大庆市wap 汕头市5G 传奇私服网址被篡改 传奇私服架设网站 传奇私服版本 gm基地 变态传奇私服上线 我爱上搜传奇私服123 盛大传奇私服 单职业传奇私服发布网站 热血传奇私服新服网 散人传奇私服网 传奇私服架设教程自己玩单机